Saturday, 19 May 2012

Proposed Agenda of BOD Meeting from F&A Department (Drat)

1. Approval of xth Board Of Directors Meeting;

2. Receive, consider and adoption of Financial Statements for Financial Year ended June 30, 2011;

3. Appointment of External Auditors;

4. Constitution of Audit Committee and approval of Audit Committeee Charter;  (Note: The annexed Audit Committeee Charter has been prepared in light of the Code Of Crporate Governance – 2012 as applicabe in Pakistan)

5. Apoitnment of Internal Auditors and approval of Internal Audit Charter;Receive and consider the Internal Audit Reports;

6. Receive, consider Audit Report of Auditor General Pakistan;

7. Grant of XX% increase under Ad-hoc Allowance vide Finance Division (Regulation Wing) XXXXXXXXXXX;

8. Adoption of common seal of the Corporation;

9. Amendment/Improvement in Authorized Cheque Signatories;

10. Approval of ‘Expenditure Policy’, ‘Accounting and Disclosure Policy’ ‘Investment Policy’;

11. Specific approval from Board for the following:
      a)  Addition to Capital Work in progress                                 XX.XX million
      b) Addition to Property Plant & Equipment                            XX.XX million

12. Time and place for next Board of Directors meeting; and

13. Notice of AGM

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